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发泡保温板制造厂商—— ——Foam insulation board manufacturer——

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好品质源于百名员工对产品的匠心—— ——Good quality stems from the ingenuity of the product by 100 employees——

Fast: fast delivery

Fast: fast delivery

Orders on the first day, scheduled production on the second day, standard inventory is sufficient, the same day delivery, mobile personnel reserve, overtime and timely delivery

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Province: Cost-effective

Province: Cost-effective

Factory direct sales, no difference, mass production, small profits, long sales, one-stop shopping, saving money and worry, serving thousands of customers

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Good: first-class quality, trustworthy

Good: first-class quality can be trusted

Production of insulation boards for 10 years, winning the market with quality and manufacturing strength

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Strong: Strong service for large enterprises

Strong: Strong service for large enterprises

Patience communication and customized cooperation plan before sale, 24 hours after sale, online products radiate more than 20 independent brands in the country, endorsement of strength

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携手同行,与您一起塑造未来—— ——Go hand in hand, shape the future with you ——

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聚合聚苯板制造厂商—— ——Polystyrene board manufacturer——


Zou Ping Mouming Material Co., Ltd.

A certain Zouping insulation material Co., Ltd. is specialized in silicon board , polymer silicon board , silicon polystyrene board , polymer polystyrene board , inorganic penetration insulation board , composite cement foam insulation board , cement foam insulation board equipment , Manufacturers of external wall insulation board equipment production and sales, product quality is stable and reliable.
The strategic direction of a certain thermal insulation and energy saving technology is the development and promotion of new products in the field of building energy conservation. Class A fire insulation boards have low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, high compressive strength, strong adhesion, non-toxic and harmless, simple construction, The service life is the same as that of the building. It is an ideal substitute product for organic exterior wall insulation systems such as polystyrene boards, extruded boards, and polystyrene pellet insulation mortar.

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硅质聚苯板板制造厂商—— ——Silicon polystyrene board manufacturer——

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硅质聚苯板制造厂商—— ——Silicon polystyrene board manufacturer——

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