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Company product advantages:
Cement foam insulation board formula transfer, this product is a non-combustible material, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, low-carbon is a new type of material vigorously promoted by the country, and its fire resistance reaches A1 level. The product has high compressive strength (compared with plastic foam), low thermal conductivity, strong adhesion to concrete, constant expansion coefficient and consistent service life.
Cement foam insulation board is mainly used for roof insulation board, interior and exterior wall insulation board, bonding mortar is directly bonded with cement mortar as the coating surface of exterior wall insulation board, and waterproof and crack-resistant mortar and glass fiber mesh cloth can be directly used for protection. Layer. When pasting tiles, the steel wire grid can be hung to play plastic anchors, and the anti-cracking mortar can be used to paste the tiles.


Parameter index

experiment method

Dry surface density ( kg / m³ )


GB / T5486

Compressive strength ( mpa )


GB / T5486

Flexural strength ( mpa )


GB / T5486

Tensile strength perpendicular to the surface of the board ( Mpa )



Water content ( % )


GB / T5486

Volume water absorption ( % )


GB / T5486

Thermal conductivity ( w / (mk) )


GB / T10294

Dry shrinkage value (fast method) ( mm / m )


GB / T11969

Frost resistance

( 15 times)

Quality loss ( % )


GB / T11969

Strength loss ( % )


Softening coefficient


GB / T20473

Combustion performance level

Not lower than A2


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