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Foamed cement insulation board equipment installation extruded board

Release time: 2019.05.16 News source: Zou Pingmou Insulation Material Co., Ltd.

安装挤塑板1)标准板规格尺寸为1200*600,对角线误差小于2,挤塑板用电热丝切割器或工具刀切割,尺寸允许偏差为±1.5。 Foamed cement insulation board equipment installed extruded board 1) The standard board size is 1200 * 600, the diagonal error is less than 2, the extruded board is cut with a heating wire cutter or a tool knife, and the allowable size deviation is ± 1.5.
2) Grid Cloth Folding: Pre-bonded grid fabric on extruded boards at the openings of doors and windows, both sides of deformation seams, etc., with a total width of about 200 and the width of the turned-over part of 80. The specific method is as follows: 180 plus board thickness. First apply a special adhesive with a length of 80 and a width of 2 to the turn-up area, and then press in the 80-long mesh cloth, and then throw it out for use.
3) Apply the configured special adhesive on the back of the extruded board. The compacted thickness of the adhesive is about 3. In order to ensure a firm bond, the stick method can be stick stick method and stick point method.
4) Strip sticking method: Use a toothed trowel to apply the special adhesive horizontally on the extruded board, with a width of 10, a thickness of 10, and a middle distance of 50.
5) Strip method: Use a trowel to apply a special adhesive with a width of 50 and a thickness of 10 on the periphery and middle of each extruded board, and then apply a gray cake with a diameter of 100 and a thickness of 10 in the extruded board partition. .
6) Quickly paste the extruded board with special adhesive on the wall to prevent the surface from crusting and losing the bonding effect. Do not apply special adhesive on the side of the extruded board.
7) After the extruded board is adhered to the wall, it should be flattened with a ruler of 2 meters to ensure its flatness and firm adhesion. The board should be squeezed tightly and there should be no seams. The plastic battens are tucked in and smoothed. After each board is glued, the special adhesive extruded should be removed.
8) The extruded plastic board shall be pasted horizontally in sections from bottom to top, and each row of boards shall be staggered by 1/2 of the board length, and the minimum local staggered seam shall not be less than 100.
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也有了一个大致的了解了吧。 Having said that, I believe that everyone has a general understanding of the foamed cement insulation board equipment . For more information, please read " Production of Cement Foam Insulation Board Equipment. " If you have any questions, please feel free to inquire, or visit the company to look forward to your visit!

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