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How to scientifically maintain silicon board equipment?

Release time: 2019.06.13 News source : Zou Pingmou Insulation Material Co., Ltd.

First of all, when we use it, its operators and maintenance personnel should correct their work attitude, carefully maintain and use the equipment carefully, and the attitude must be rigorous. Use scientific methods to conduct maintain. Before the equipment works, make sure that the equipment is in good condition and can be used normally. Operators need to learn and master their equipment before they can use it. Understand the performance and structure of the equipment, as well as its use and maintenance methods. Human factors are one of the know-how of equipment maintenance and upkeep.

Secondly, in order to better maintain the silicon board equipment, our responsible personnel have the right to prevent others from using the equipment and have the right to stop the operation of the equipment. If the operation of the equipment is not normal, or if there is no timely maintenance, the operation of the equipment should be stopped immediately in accordance with the provisions. In the case of normal use by the staff, you need to prepare carefully before starting, and you cannot take it lightly during the startup process. After stopping the equipment, you should properly handle it and carefully implement the operation indicators.

If the equipment is found to be over-temperature or over-pressure, and over-speed and overloaded, then in this case, we should observe the working status of the equipment in time, and stop working in time if there is any abnormality. It is also very important to regularly check the product, and it is very important to apply lubricant.

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