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What are the advantages of silicon polystyrene board? What is not satisfactory?

Release time: 2019.07.04 News source : Zou Pingmou Insulation Material Co., Ltd.

In the construction industry, siliceous polystyrene board is a commonly used insulation material for external walls, and it is usually modified by polymerized silicide. The characteristics are also very obvious, that is, the heat insulation effect is good, it can prevent the wall from being sunburned by the sun, and it will not swell, and it will not swell and deform due to water soaking in stormy weather, which will affect the beauty of the building. Compared with other insulation materials, its biggest advantage is its low thermal conductivity.
In appearance, the silicon polystyrene board is white, and the surface is small foam-like particles, so once the friction occurs, these particles will fall. Although it is very strong in strength, but if it is squeezed by external force, it is still Some deformation will occur, but compared to other insulation materials, these conditions are much better. The high-quality silicon polystyrene board needs to go through the aging process. If this link is missing, then it will inevitably contain a large amount of water. After a period of time, the water will cause bubbles on its surface, so the appearance will be basically destroyed , And it will make the whole lighter after a period of time. For materials that have been used on exterior walls, this is undoubtedly fatal, and it may cause huge economic losses to users.

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